February 07, 2008

The Dose

What do you mean Bush and Cheney aren't lizards? Sigh. How am I supposed to keep all their non-abominations straight in the midst of their vast catalog of offenses against the natural order? Anyway, on with the morning reading and blather.

Twitter hasn't been reliably updating my facebook status lately, so when I read this post about HelloTxt, I signed up immediately. A couple of test non-sequitors later and hey, problem solved. You can follow my madcap twittering here, if you dare.

And speaking of software usability issues -- I accidentally closed out this tab before saving the post. But I use Firefox now, so when I went to 'recently closed tabs' and selected the appropriate one, it popped right back up with my entry intact. I wasn't sure it would work like that, but hot damn!

Scroll around at The Sideshow for the usual, keen recounting of the latest atrocities. But be sure to read this link Avedon found about, of all the freakin' things, reversible, controlled induction autism. Science fiction, as others have noted, is fast becoming redundant. Yay, that.

In addition to the incredible voter turnout on the Democratic side, other good election news includes the fact that Obama has shattered electability arguments hanging on race. That says all kinds of very good things about the direction of our society, I think, whether he's my first choice or not. He's won good margins in several states where 'diversity means different flavors of northern european ancestry.

Some thoughts on winning the next generation of Hispanic voters, one of the nation's most important up and coming demographics.

Dislike for Clinton among a minority fraction of Obama supporters seems to pale in comparison to Republican loathing for John McCain.

This campaign season has unleashed a barrage of atavistic sexism, after which it took someone complaining about a brazen, feminist harlot wearing red (wearing red? red!? yeah, tell me about it) to trip my weird meter. But now, when Michelle Obama wears red, it's supposed to mean that she's committing to a place in the shadows as a dutiful wife. So, so confused. I feel like wearing red every day for a week now and asking random strangers what they think it means.

Why do John McCain and the Republicans hate old people and soldiers? More mysteriously, how the **** do they never get called on this by the establishment press?

"What an investment in public education looks like."

While Obama's been raising money hand over fist on the internet, Clinton is coming along. A little bird tells the press (dude, I'm press!) that she raised $4 million since Tuesday and added 35,000 donors to the rolls over the last 48 hours. She's not out by a long shot, though those sort of numbers would have blown everyone's minds in 2004. How things have changed in the last four years, and in many non-obvious ways for the better. The Democratic Party really is being taken over by small donors, and that's all to the good.

The Bush administration is spying on us and continuing to lie about it.

Waterboarding is still torture.

You may have heard that Exxon posted a world record profit for last year, exceeding the total GDP of 120 countries put together. Though at the link, you can read all about how the vast carbon footprint generated by their dirty profits is actually helping them out.

Thinking about an urban nature agenda.

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