February 06, 2008

Better Advice

A collection of even better, and shorter, advice than in my last post. Possibly more useful, too ...

"I think the lesson here is pretty clear: if you’re the kind of person who falls to his death on a weekly basis, try not to piss off film preservationists."

Other person not to piss of, Anntichrist S. Coulter, for verily you will be subjected to technicolor chastisement.

Remember to get celebrity endorsements for large undertakings.

But even more importantly, remember Chris Matthews hates liberals.

Lastly, and I think this is unassailable wisdom, don't become a fundamentalist preacher when your real passion in life is gay hookers and blow.* It just never ends well.

* It's truly hilarious how many times the last couple years I've gotten to write the phrase "hookers and blow" in conjunction with stories about wingnuts. I'd almost be grateful, if it didn't have such a tendency to become the blog equivalent of the latest missing/badly behaved white girl.

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