February 06, 2008

Thought for the Day

Ronald Reagan's big achievement: Equating the government establishment that created the WWII generation's professional and unionized middle class with the DFHs and institutionally oppressed minorities, then blaming the wage stagnation that had begun in the 70's on the collective lot of them.

Ronald Reagan's next trick: Look, look over there at the people coming for your kids and your paychecks, as my corporate friends pick your pockets.

Why this worked: People are always afraid that those who've been hurt will turn around and do to others as they've been done to. Hence, they are afraid of the poor and of groups that have been identified with poverty or been systematically abused and left out. The well favored, the comfortable, seem to be given the benefit of the doubt that they have no grudges, that they will be reasonable, compassionate, moderate, and not lash out.

The underside of the provably false belief that hard work and good morals are always rewarded by prosperity in America is the assumption that your station in life is the outward manifestation of virtue. Reagan played that like a maestro.

How's that psychic baggage been doing for us these last, few decades.

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