February 05, 2008

Your Government Hates You

Item, the 1st: Sen. Jello Jay Rockefeller (D-FU) wants the government to illegally spy on people. It's almost like we're now operating as a society on the presumption of guilt. Oh wait, it isn't 'almost' like that at all.

Item, the 2nd: In contravention of international law, if an American citizen goes abroad, you will shortly need specific permission to re-enter the country. And if you want to travel abroad more cheaply than with a standard passport, the government will issue you a card that broadcasts your identity to any nearby machine that asks.

Item, the 3rd: Your government allows local media to be wholly owned by companies who expect to gain government contracts and use those media outlets to advocate for the solution they want your taxes to pay them to provide. (h/t Avedon)

Item, the 4th: Your government wants you to be beseiged by both hell and high water, courtesy of catastrophic climate disruption. ("Hell and High Water" meme courtesy of Greenpeace)

Item, the 5th: The president wants to spend as much on the military as the military budgets of the rest of the world combined, instead of maybe doing something useful with part of the dough, like guaranteeing you healthcare or fixing the nation's crumbling transportation infrastructure. And he proposes to pay for this by ripping off Medicare and Medicaid, in a lame duck FU to grandparents and the less fortunate everywhere.

Item, the 6th: (Ain't it cool how easy it is to rack these up? Or, not.) Even though the Republicans are hideously unpopular and distrusted, their policy goals are still allowed to set the agenda in plain opposition to the will of the public.

Item, the 7th: They keep acting like the don't want to count your votes. No, really.

Item, the 8th: The FBI continues wasting our tax investments in government on trying to bootstrap a total surveillance state. A major hurdle, as alluded to at the jump: No one properly geeky enough to write the RFP for a functional system and evaluate the responses is going to be promoted high enough to do so in a government IT department.

Item, the 9th: By letting our infrastructure crumble, they are stealing our future, in case you didn't catch this link the other day.

Item, the 10th: They keep feeding you lines like, Top Al Qaeda Leader Killed, when Al Qaeda's top leader was last thought to be roaming the Safed Koh mountain range like a jihadi Elvis.

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