February 04, 2008

The Bloggers, How They Talk

Blogs less traveled, courtesy of Pam Spaulding for Blogroll Amnesty Day. Go ahead and check out a few places you might not have visited otherwise. In the meantime, here are a few I've been reading ...

Abu Aardvark: Much as it may tick off the Bushies, the other Gulf states are making peace with Iran. Amnesty is a big political issue in Iraq, as well, except they mean prisoner amnesty and restitution for the wrongfully detained. Cracks in the foundations of the Anbar Awakening.

Pandagon: The advance of the police state proceeds apace as five men are tasered to death in January. The State of New York will now recognize valid same-sex marriages from out of state. The anti-feminists once again demonstrate their utter contempt for men, by implying that they have to be bribed into responsibility and that they in turn have to bribe women to want to be with them.

Wampum: The Cobell v. Norton case was decided against the government, ruling that the Dept. of Interior had proved incapable of handling Indian accounts. Some good Native blog links.

Orcinus: This excellent blog is also having a fundraiser, which gives you a chance to invest in a couple of writers who do a bang up job exposing the right wing hate machine. To wit ... If conservatives hate being called fascists, they should quit talking up torture and parading psychosexual dysfunctions like pervasive misogyny. in public. Republicans are stealing your future, which you knew, but the details are handy.

Corrente: What's up with recycling Harry & Louise, anyway? Some good reasons to hate Hillary Clinton. John Edwards' campaign closed up shop, but he stayed around to help clean up.

Biomes Blog: A good link roundup that includes a bit about how Steve Martin learned to be funny, to which I say, yuck! You haven't lived until you've driven around with 20 pounds of snake writhing in a nylon bag in your car.

Agonist: The SOTU might be over, but it's never to late to revive a great riff it inspired about the perfidy and lawlessness of our king. As protections from the real threats Americans face every day are being defunded military spending runs out of control, too often going to threats that don't even exist. Ten simple things about the presidential election.

Group News Blog: The GOP big tent as three ring circus sublime. Check out the new and improved, new, new offensive in Mosul. A rambling walk through The Village, starring all the pearl-clutchers we love to hate. A third underwater internet cable is cut in the Middle East, depriving Egypt, India and Saudi Arabia of the bulk of their internet service.

Cliff Schecter: Israel bombed a Syrian site and no one's talking about it except Seymour Hersh. If you want to try people illegally in kangaroo courts, you might as well try them efficiently, half a dozen at a go.

FireDogLake: Thom Hartmann discusses how to crack the communications code and get progressive messages across to the public. A candidate for office in Blackwater's home district is taking Blackwater to task for bad behavior he witnessed in Iraq. Voters are people, too; and they're staying around past the election cycle these days, sometimes bringing their friends. David Cay Johnston serves up a heaping helping of corporate welfare: exposed!

Feministing: The Bush administration has left federal agency staff so dispirited that many of the best people have been leaving in a steady drip, including the former assistant commissioner for women's health. There's no such thing as 'gray rape.' Your friendly, handy, weekly feminist reader.

Shakesville: Erm, yeah, doesn't everyone know that white women are a problem we have to live with every day? Arlen Specter is worried about illegal eavesdropping in the NFL, but not, naturally, the kind done by the government in contravention of the Constitution that he swore to uphold.

HorsesAss: Dave Reichert is hoping to trade earmarks for campaign contributions if he can score a seat on an Appropriations subcommittee, because his campaign's treading water, the RNCC is broke, and his Democratic challenger, Darcy Burner, is outraising his incumbent self. CNBC's Jim Cramer utters economic blasphemy, saying, "Do not be fooled by the sirens of laissez faire."

Mahablog: Some musings on the generation gap and why Obama appeals to the youth vote. What do Republicans want these days? A survey of post-debate Obamania.

DailyKos: Healthcare in America ... still a travesty.

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Thank you SO much for bringing Orcinus to my attention! Being in the Nor'west myself, it is twic as rewarding to find such cogent work from near at hand and near at heart!

Posted by: Labrys at February 4, 2008 07:49 AM

thanks for joining in, natasha! you outdid yourself!

ps. labrys, dave neiwert is a great writer, i think he's the best writer in blogtopia, and yes i coined that phrase!

Posted by: skippy at February 4, 2008 05:40 PM

In honor of Blogroll Amnesty Day I have added your blog link to my blogroll at robsingleton.net. Please link mine to yours in return. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at robtherev@gmail.com. Thank you!

Rob Singleton

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