January 23, 2008


Did you know that there are vaccinations adults should get that too few Americans even know about? If you have access to medical care, hie thee hence and get those shots.

The Senate, under theoretical Democrat Harry Reid, is preparing to grant immunity to the phone companies for illegal wiretapping, which would pretty much end the public's chances of finding out just how bad it was. Want to do something?

The House is postponing votes on criminal contempt citations against officials who've refused the subpoenas that Speaker Pelosi once described as being the most important thing about regaining the majority.

Always remember that we've got an effective, governing conservative supermajority in both houses of Congress right now. Whatever the letters after everyone's names.

Better presidential debate questions.

The Consumer Price Index no longer tracks food and energy costs because they're "too volatile." Which makes the Consumer Price Index "a fantasy."

All hell has broken loose in Gaza as Hamas breaches an Israeli wall and Palestinians flee to Egypt by the thousands after a standoff that resulted in the shutdown of Gaza's power plant.

Some proposed NATO 'reforms' include a pre-emptive nuclear posture. Because what the world needs now is bigger swords hanging over all our heads.

"It's hard to tell people not to smoke when you have a cigarette dangling from your mouth." -- Mohamed ElBaradei

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