January 20, 2008

How the Blogs Were Run

Crooks and Liars: PBS talks about better Democrat, Donna Edwards. The establishment peer review press seems to have some disturbing biases of its own, rarely publishing negative studies of antidepressants. Sibel Edmonds said an unnamed senior administration official may have outed Brewster Jennings to a foreign government all the way back in 2001.

Seeing the Forest: The press is pushing a 'divided Democrats' storyline again, this time suggesting that black women are being accused of treason against (well, I can't figure out against what exactly,) someone or some thing for supporting Barack Obama, which has got to be one of the stupidest things I've read this campaign season (and you all know there's stiff competition for stupid these days.) For more on the stupid front, a snark attack on Jonah 'Low-Hanging Fruit' Goldberg gives us a vision of a horrific future where daycare workers give kids bran muffins. Everything is always good for Republicans. How prior tax cuts are being used to push cuts in services in California, and how this is hurting the state economy.

Raw Story: Huckabee's appeals to racism follow a history of engagement with the supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens.

DailyKos: Don't forget the Bank of Credit and Commercial International (BCCI) when hearing new revelations in the Sibel Edmonds story. An excellent eco-diary rescue with some interesting transportation and energy solutions discussed in the context of other stories that highlight the urgency of immediate action. Ronald Reagan: fiscal disaster.

New Communications Review: An excerpt from "Now Is Gone", a recent book about new media and social marketing. The Chinese government beat a blogger to death for recording video of an environmental protest. Some recent net media research studies, including one discussing the projected rise of peer-generated entertainment. A paper on internet freedom, the "new network neutrality", which you can download in full as an MSWord document over on the page with the abstract.

Suburban Guerrilla: The Craigslist indicators and the falling economy. Though it isn't like turning an economy around is a mystery.

Culture Kitchen: A report from Kenya and a look at some small businesses started there through microfinance.

The Democratic Daily: A man looks at the latest abortion statistics.

Pandagon: A new bill could ensure auditable elections in all states, something to cheer for if you're a big fan of democracy (as brought to us by the persistent clean election soapboxing of the BradBlog.) An anti-gay DA in Texas is caught with "torrid" love notes and evidence of corruption on his state-issued computer, and I'd laugh, but irony has by now been mummified. Bill O'Reilly thinks homeless vets are like the Easter Bunny, they don't exist.

La Chola: Apparently, Spanish is a liberal language, who knew? More inside perspective on ADD. The media talks about Hispanic voters, but not the rash of stepped up immigration raids.

Politico: Congress catches up with popular business trends by outsourcing the writing of legislation.

Corrente: Time Warner to end all-you-can-download bandwidth, for they have not zucchini. Fred Thompson, the consistent conservative, doesn't care about African AIDS victims and a complete lack of shock filled the room.

DeSmogBlog: Coal companies drop $35 million on presidential campaign to undermine climate-friendly proposals by candidates. You'd probably heard that the Arctic ice cap, free-floating sea ice that doesn't affect ocean levels, is melting, but as it happens, the Antarctic continental ice sheets are melting faster, and that will increase sea levels.

FireDogLake, Book Salons: Glenn Hurowitz on the self-explanatory Fear and Courage in the Democratic Party. Muhammad Yunus, a hero whose microcredit movement has been a blessing to developing nations and impoverished families, talks about Creating a World Without Poverty through a kind of social capitalism that Adam Smith himself would probably applaud.

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I too have read the politico about outsourcing the writing of legislation, I found the Ryan's writing as interesting to read. Thanks for introduce me to the some more blogs..
Breakdown Recovery

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