January 18, 2008

Good Reads

Hullaballoo: Digby on Obama and Reagan. Dday is glad the at-large precincts in Nevada are going to be set up for Strip workers. Huckabee's Christian Reconstructionist ties.

Corrente: Obama's right turns. Nezua branches out.

Jack and Jill Politics: Applause for the success of the at-large caucuses. John Conyers looks to block vote caging. Huckabee, the squirrel fryer.

Emptywheel: Judge not entertained by CIA claims that interrogation tapes that recorded detainee torture weren't relevant to an investigation on interrogation methods. Iraq's government is too disorganized to spend money, and you've got to know that a government that can't even spend money is hardly a government at all. The White House is missing a lot of emails and can't seem to keep their story straight about it.

DailyKos (aka, The Great Orange Satan): New Hampshire Senate candidate Jay Buckey talks about his proposal for a national security levy on oil. The Crandall Canyon mine, operated by Murray Energy, collapsed and killed 6 mine workers and 3 rescuers because Murray Energy took out the pillars supporting the roof.

Cliff Schecter: Tom DeLay knocks McCain. Huckabee thinks being gay is like pedophilia or bestiality. Why is CNN putting that lying sleazeball, Ralph Reed on the teevee like he's a respectable authority figure.

Juan Cole: The Lebanese press on Bush's tour of the Mideast. Basra police chief denies Iran role in Iraqi unrest. Women confer in Baghdad to protest the wave of murders targeting women for alleged improprieties.

TomDispatch: Dancing on the corpse of Iraq. Reports from the heart of the Zapatista insurgency in Chiapas, Mexico.

The Seminal: A pop quiz on Latin American politics that I totally failed, but so would much of the responsible media. In Pakistan, war breaks out in Waziristan between the army and the Taliban, while the Shiite community is reeling from a mosque bombing. A proposal for social capitalism, a step up from today's version of corporate responsibility. A news roundup on FISA, global warming news, etc.

Pandagon: The government wants your email. More on the attempt to gin up a war with Iran. John Boehner, still a moron. An original Swiftboat creep goes after Obama with a racist attack so blatant that I can hardly believe it's real. Abortion is a 1st amendment issue.

Shakesville: A bitch is politically involved. Maybe people would like Hillary Clinton more if she didn't care about winning the presidency. Memo to Democrats, media, people in general: Ronald Reagan is no one to imitate. Romney got him some lobbyists, oh yes, but is confused about it. Bush's economy is so solid that it needs a lot of stimulus, and we all know how much solid things need more stimulus.

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Seven out of ten on the pop quiz, but man, some of those questions are tough.

Posted by: palamedes at January 18, 2008 06:18 PM

Edwards, Clinton critical of Obama

Edwards, Clinton critical of Obama

Posted by: ccoaler at January 18, 2008 07:39 PM

Now that's a roundup!

Posted by: Batocchio at January 19, 2008 02:21 AM