January 17, 2008


Smintheus quotes Sara Fine on the authoritarian personality while talking about how to make sure censorship backfires. Take it away, Sara:

... Authoritarian personalities are characterized by a strong desire to exert power, an equally strong need to submit to power (often the power of a social, political or religious group), resentment of weakness, fear of ambiguous situations, and an unusual fascination with sex. Authoritarian personalities are highly moralistic, exhibiting a "conventional" level of morality on Kohlberg's scale of moral development (minor rules and social respectability are placed above principles such as equality, freedom of expression, and human rights). Any information which is contrary to their (or their group's) beliefs, stereotypes and rationalizations is perceived as a threat. ...

This is why everybody's local flavor of fundamentalist sounds the same as all the rest of them. Mass arrested development.

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