January 14, 2008

The Establishment News

The Republicans pitch Michigan on the economy. Which is to say that Romney and McCain are presenting their messages via this article, while the despised Huckabee, winner of the Iowa caucus, gets only the briefest of mentions.

The Democrats outbid each other on economic stimulus packages. Which is to say, in keeping with the media blackout on the populist Edwards, Clinton and Obama are portrayed as competing solely with each other over economic stimulus.

Toyota will offer plug-in hybrids for lease by 2010, though they're not sure how much demand there is for them. Did they hear the news that their hybrid Prius passed Ford's Explorer SUV in 2007 sales? I suspect there might be some demand out there. Also, perhaps 330 mpg competition.

Frustrated in his efforts to gin up an excuse for another war, President Bush criticizes Iran with pro-democracy boilerplate that no longer enthuses anyone. I think there's only one sort of response appropriate to hearing the vote-caging, election-stealing, nation-destroying Bush ramble on about the joys democracy.

The recreation of beating hearts in a lab is an incredible step forward in science. Hot damn. Can you imagine a world where the need for organ transplants were reduced to emergency cases only?

A 95th Indonesian dies of bird flu. That ongoing story gets no happier.

An injunction has been issued against sweeping personal investigations of low-level NASA employees who don't have access to classified information.

Some rare good news on the intellectual property front, as several multinational technology companies declare an Eco-Patent Commons to put green technology patents into the public domain. This is the sort of step that could greatly ease tensions between industrialized and developing nations when discussing climate change mitigation, as it could allow them to skip intermediary stages of dirtier development. It might not work that way, but in theory, it could.

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