January 12, 2008

Why The Blogosphere Is Teh Suck Now

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Today I was told in a conversation with other bloggers that 1) the blogosphere isn't as interesting as it was four or five years ago, and 2) that there aren't as many false media narratives to combat anymore because bloggers mostly helped kill them and continue to do so when new ones arise. Ahem.

The main false narrative of 2002 and 2003 - Dude! That Saddam guy is, like, totally the scariest guy on the planet! No, the whole history of the planet! No ... in the universe ... and he's planning a chemical attack on Indianola! - is now safe for everyone to pan. The decision's been made. The troops are stuck in Iraq, which nobody wants, but we can't bring them home because, oh criminy, I forget the latest reason. Indianola remains inviolate.

Even Republicans are now questioning whether it was a good idea to go to Iraq. They can do that now, their buddies got paid already.

There have also been outright scandals, like the attorney general firings, that came from the blogosphere and derailed the conventional narrative. These were mainly picked up because scandals are Fun and no one ever led a pitchfork-wielding mob to a statehouse because someone fired a lawyer.

Where there's been traction on other issues - An expansion of government healthcare might not mean the end of civilization as we know it, who knew? - it seems clear that this was achieved because mainstream politicians and people with larger audiences than us, like Krugman and Moore, also took them up.

Then what about other dishonest story lines the blogs have tried to challenge? Maintstream coverage of corporate power, agriculture, the environment, all foreign countries, race, gender, sentencing disparities, the drug war, labor issues, etc., still sucks.

The media still employ the same stupid creeps they did four years ago, so they can make the same stupid mistakes every day. Our politicians generally fail to learn from their own stupid mistakes, so we still have the same stupid policies. How many ways can we say that? It's gotten to a point of thesaurus abuse.

As a solution, I propose that liberal bloggers start complaining about the Hungarian press and political establishment. It's new! It's fresh! Our readers may find our halting attempts to master a foreign language en masse simply hilarious and we'll have about four years worth of new material. And our power over foreign policy regarding Hungary is sure to be awesome to behold, boring as we will have again become.

After that ... South African pundits, watch out!

Note: In the context of the original discussion it was clear, but in the comments over at MyDD, not so much. So ... Shorter me: It might not be the hot new thing to point out that our pundits are stupid and our policies are bad, but it's still true. Our work is barely started, even if it doesn't seem as novel as it once did.

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"Our work is barely started, even if it doesn't seem as novel as it once did."

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Posted by: Bpaul at January 12, 2008 09:28 PM

I've been looking for someone to go after the Hungarian press for far too long!!!

Seriously, perhaps the blogosphere is not as interesting as it once was because it is less new. That happens with anything. However, there are plenty of falsities that it continues to tear apart and they are as important as ever. Just look at the current election cycle, Iraq, the Iran war fervor, etc..., and one can clearly see the role of the blogosphere.

Now, on to Hungary!

Posted by: Scott at January 13, 2008 04:49 AM

After a while, a lot of the conversations we used to have really get played out, and there's just not as much to sort out about previously controversial issues. People have either convinced each other or agreed to disagree. Pulling in new people helps, but they tend to bring the same old ignorant arguments to the table that you brought when you were a newbie.

Posted by: Sara at January 13, 2008 09:40 PM

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