January 09, 2008

Big Cheers for an Exciting Primary Season

The media is all over Hillary's win in New Hampshire and wondering what went wrong with their polls. As Larry Johnson says, those double digit polls had something like 17% undecideds in them. Hardly something that should be used to push Chris Matthews' favorite themes, especially the theme that Hillary is unlikeable and just so yesterday. How much of the results were due to more than a few of those undecideds deciding to vote for Hillary just because they didn't want the media to decide the election for them? Personally, I still an undecided, and if I would have had to vote yesterday, I would have been leaning toward Hillary even though she isn't my perfect candidate. (I'm still pining for Al.)

So what are the good things about the primary so far?

I love the fact that Obama is such a viable and exciting candidate and would certainly pull the lever for him if he's the nominee. Our country is decidedly less racist than it was in the past (even though the Republicans can't stop demagoguing the immigration issue).

I love the fact that Hillary has shown her passionate and authentic side and still she is seen as capable of being an incredibly competent president (despite being a woman).

I love the fact that Edwards is still driving his opponents to be more vocally progressive and clear on who is standing in the way of a better future for the American people. (It's those pharmaceuticals, those oil companies and those other corporations who think the US is just a country to exploit while they rake in the big bucks.)

I love the fact that I still might have a voice in this primary in early February when my vote is cast.

And I love the fact that almost twice as many people pulled a lever for a Democrat in New Hampshire than a Republican. (258,913 vs 141,147 via TPM.)

Only one person on the radio last night said what I feel, many Democrats are excited that we have some outstanding candidates and based on their mood or the day, they could find themselves voting for any of the lead candidates. That will make it hard for the pollsters to see who exactly has the lead, because I bet we're not alone. May the best candidate win.

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I hate the fact that unverified black box voting is still being used, throwing every "odd" result way into tenuous territory.

We have to get these machines fixed, this is ridiculous.

Posted by: Bpaul at January 9, 2008 10:02 PM