January 07, 2008

Look at This

It took a UK paper to finally publish former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds' claims of corruption and national security breaches at the highest levels of the US government that include the selling of nuclear secrets to hostile countries and the release of 9/11 suspects at the request of a compromised official.

The GOP primary candidates as their Buffyverse villain alter-egos. Hilarious.

A Feministing year.

The British have a better standard of living, and the Germans have a lower unemployment rate (if you measure it the right way), than citizens of the US. Go us. (h/t)

The rhetoric of leadership may be what's helping Obama's campaign pull away from the pack.

Lessons from 2008 in four parts, with more to come: Limbo ahead. The dreams we need, or, "after that, nothing happened." Where are our leaders, or, the end of the management era. Denial means that the change will be more painful when it comes, and it will.

The Democratic candidates have been outbidding each other on global warming policy. It's about time.

More links about why everything is screwed up.

Maureen Dowd is still an idiot, and one of the people in politics who gives grievance a bad name. If you're going to go to all the bother of despising people, let it at least be for a good reason. Takes a lot of energy.

Erm, no, the HPV vaccine isn't strangely painful. It's just painful. Vaccinations hurt. I just got my tetanus and flu shots last month, and bloody hell, the tetanus one deprived me of the ability to raise my left arm for three days.

Five rudely obvious things we learned from Iowa.

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