December 25, 2007

Things to Look At

(h/t Lawyers, Guns and Money)

As it happens, not everyone has ditched their content production responsibilities over the holiday season. Which is good. Because I've been sick or traveling, or sick and traveling, or looking for a job, for the last month and some, and on my own, I got nothing.

Except a couple book reviews to write. It's funny how rarely I read books since I went back to school, so I've been trying to correct that trend and succeeding in ... well, depressing the heck out of myself. You try reading "The Shock Doctrine" followed by "The Long Emergency" and see how you come out of it. Or maybe, don't. I mean, read them, because they're very important books, but not one after the other. Intersperse them with a little Paul Loeb, or Bill McKibben, or something. Take a break and read Rolling Stone, or maybe don't. Sigh.

And it was in this mood that I came to the first link I'm recommending for your reading pleasure. From the front page of the Great Orange Satan itself, a link to Rebecca Solnit's essay about her reading list of hope. It's very good. Go read it.

Seeing the Forest: How did the mortgage crisis get so bad and why is it threatening to bring down the whole economy? John Edwards' response to an insurance company killing a 17 year old girl by refusing to approve of the operation that her doctors knew would have saved her life. A link to a short video tour of The Story of Stuff; your stuff, my stuff, the stuff that got put into it, who made it, where it comes from and where it goes. Also, a Christmas card.

Orcinus: The Nazis weren't leftists or liberals, just in case anyone still wasn't clear on that point, and had fallen for Nazi propaganda from about 80 years ago. When conservatives tell you who they are, believe them.

Suburban Guerrilla: Bob Herbert has it right, Americans are treading water and running out of spare capacity. We may find out yet what happened to the interrogation tapes the CIA destroyed and who ordered it. Get mouthy, get tasered; welcome to the Brave New America.

Lawyers, Guns and Money: I knew that there are those people who think that pregnancy is a disability, but to believe that it's a disqualification for being in Congress is quite a stretch. I've been told that there are congresscritters that are essentially husks of their former selves maintained in office by their staffs, as well as those among their number who'd have a hard time outsmarting fluffy baby bunnies. As far as I can tell, in a body where being irretrievably past your sell-by date or simply an idiot doesn't count against a man as a permanently disqualifying disability, pregnancy should be a gimme. Anyway, motherhood makes women smarter.

Yes, they've really been playing with your head for decades, propagandizing the American public right out in the open. Click over for the BBC documentary links and watch them. Seriously. It's free, you've got no excuse.

The Edge of the American West: Oh yeah, and Ron Paul is crazy. (If you hadn't gathered that on previous readings, in spite of the fact that every once in a while, he gets something like the stupidity of war in the Middle East right.)

The Sideshow: A great Christmas link roundup, with a favorite passage from A Christmas Carol, and a couple links from farther down the page over there that I just couldn't resist reposting directly ... Ordovicius: The Lakota Sioux have seceeded from the US. Erm, good for them. I hope no one accuses them of having WMD. No More Mister Nice Blog: Matt Bai, can't quit the Democrat-bashing.

Cliff Schechter: Yes, yes we torture, and the world really hates our Torturer in Chief. Robert Novak continues spreading disinformation, now about the Iran NIE. The voting system in Ohio is still very broken, at least, if you're the sort of person who considers critical security failures to be a problem.

BradBlog: There are still unresolved questions about Ohio's 2004 election, unresolved because people have been stalling hard. A recent roundup of voting system news

OpenLeft: If the Belgians can't get their act together, in a progressive, modernized, secular society, what hope is there for the rest of us? The party-system myopia of the last 30 years. A look at five things the candidates won't try to fix.

Dispatches From The Culture Wars: US to Huckabee, only two and a half of the 10 Commandments are constitutional.

FireDogLake: A book salon with David Bornstein on social entrepreneurs who are changing the world. The bloggers have been complaining about Democratic consultants for years, and today those complaints hit the New York Times because it seems like the Democrats are finally doing something about it.

Oh yeah, and I hope you've had a Merry Christmas. Have some comedic caroling ...

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