December 17, 2007

Note to the Parted

I sat next to someone on the plane home tonight who looked like he could have been your older brother. Just a bit different around the bridge of the nose. But he had the same smile and it was hard to look at him. We talked very briefly at the end of the flight, the Star Trek and martial arts references were the last straw.

The resemblance was complete. I don't know what else to say about that. You can probably imagine what it was like, anyway.

Blogging really distorts a person's sense of time. Even being deeply immersed in the news and discussions of it. The speed and scope of information operates at a greater-than-human scale, much more so than the rate of change in effect with most work or personal situations. So a day can seem like a week, a week like a month. You get the idea.

And then I see him tonight and have to remind myself that a hug would be utterly bizarre and inappropriate. It's just that, yes, it isn't so odd to have reacted so strongly when it hasn't even been a year. It's odd to have the general impression that spring was about three years ago, instead of being surprised that it wasn't just yesterday, like everyone always seems to say.

Time doesn't fly for me anymore, it drags. It's interminable. It has its benefits, but that, along with the masochistic endeavor of following the news so much that people think you're crazy when you tell them things that are true but sound like they couldn't be, makes life very strange sometimes. L, the other L, says it's unhealthy and I can't counter her argument in the slightest.

Anyway, you'd hate it here. I think I have enough data to make an informed judgement about that. You'd hate it a lot.

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