November 23, 2007

Oregon Land Use Laws

This morning I heard on OPB that Audrey McCall, the wife of Oregon's former governor Tom McCall, died. As the piece mentioned, Tom McCall was one of the more interesting governors, having been a moderate Republican governor widely seen as responsible for creating the visionary land-use laws that saved Oregon from being a state blighted by suburban sprawl. McCall and his wife were always strong environmentalists and she had been a strong proponent of the strict land use lands that her husband sponsored.

OPB used the occasion of her death to review the history of land use laws in Oregon starting with the Urban-growth boundary that was put in place in the 1970s. Although the land-use laws have been instrumental in making Portland one of the most livable cities in the country, the forces against it have been fighting to overturn them and finally in 2003, they won by passing Measure 37 which was framed as a Property Rights initiative.

Measure 37 had a horrible effect on the state and those who had once voted for it were shocked at how little control they had on their communities after the measure was passed. This led to the legislature working to come up with bill that would rein in the worst of the excess of Measure 37 while fixing some of the things that had been unfair in the old urban growth boundary. And fortunately, this November, Oregonians voted to overturn Measure 37 with Measure 49. One thing that struck me about the report this morning was how Bill Lunch opined that the only reason people might have voted for Measure 49 was because the legislature was able to title it in a way that attracted people -- not because they had any issues with Measure 37. It seems to me that this underestimates the voters because they truly didn't like the results of Measure 37. Oregon has long appreciated the benefits of having good land use laws and people like Audrey and Tom McCall who have a vision of what Oregon can be.

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