November 15, 2007

Way Too Hot to Handle

Well, well, well. The Bush administration showed some sense even though W was all gob-smacked with the wonderfulness of Bernie Kerik as the head of Homeland Security. TPMMuckraker reports that the Bush administration discovered that there were some tiny little problems with Bernie's qualifications when they found that he had close ties to the Gambino family after Bush nominated him on Rudy's recommendation. And so, Bernie was cut loose with some apology that he'd once had neglected to pay payroll taxes for an undocumented nanny. But by the time Bernie withdrew his nomination, it was clear his problems ran deeper than some little ole tax problem.

Yet, evidently it was too much for some in the administration to consider having Bernie heading up Homeland Security when he was so compromised by his mob ties. To me, that's actually refreshing. I'd long thought that the goal of the Republican Party was to only find corrupted and corruptible politicans so that they could blackmail them into holding extreme positions.

Remembering Bernie Kerik.

Here's a rundown of the scandals that dog Kerik today.

And my favorite picture of Kerik with best bud Guiliani. (via)

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