October 29, 2007

Democratic Majority News Trawl

"In our party, there's no majority except for women." - Gov. Howard Dean, 10/18/07

More than half of Clinton and Obama donors are women, with female donors making historically high levels of political contributions this year and moving towards parity in donations above $200.

The feminist weekend news reader.

Displaying disembodied parts of women's bodies as public art, bathroom fixtures and gag gifts doesn't exactly send a message of equality.

Women with careers can still be unapolagetically labeled unavailable fembots, while work achievements that would make anyone proud are demoted and downplayed.

A bitch is unsurprised that yeah, Americans are pretty stressed out, and wonders to whom this is news.

One woman talks about feeling alienated and distrustful towards the feminist movement, but also how she thinks that labor union style organizing could help regain the movement's lost ground among others who share some of the same concerns.


In calling for an international day of action against sexual assault on Nov. 30th, Australian human rights activists object to charges of violations of women's rights being used to oppress indigenous people in the Northern Territory.

The UK's gender pay gap is worse for minority women.

Women lose seats on Oman's Shura Council.

Iran and Syria will be setting up a joint bank to finance women's businesses.

Renuka Chowdhury, India's Minister of State for Women and Child Development, says that lopsided governance results from leaving women out of politics. The article includes this point from Chowdhury, "... Stressing on the importance of “maintaining balance in environment and society”, she said that ratio of girls per thousand boys was as low as 750 in Haryana and Punjab." She calls for more effective enforcement of bans on prenatal gender screening.

Every day, 600 women are raped in Kenya. The statistics include many cases of incest, as well as very young and very old women, giving lie to the worldwide apologia that these crime victims were in some way asking to be attacked.

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