October 25, 2007

From The Conflict Zone

The Iraqi government revokes legal immunity for US contractors.

PBS' Frontline covers Bush's failures in Iran, and you should know that BushCo has wanted to bomb Iran all along and repeatedly rebuffed conciliatory gestures and intelligence assistance from the Iranians.

As little as two weeks ago, Syria believed an Israeli attack was imminent.

Juan Cole discusses this year's surge in troop deaths, talks with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now about the once and present Mideast, and rounds up the news about the 'security' situation in Iraq.

A BBC photo essay covers the lives of Palestinians living off a garbage dump.

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What I find most telling about the Iraqi government's demands and actions regarding Blackwater is that the U.S. appears to be completely ignoring them. So much for our claims of only being in Iraq at the Iraqis request. I think it is fair to state that this would apply.

Posted by: Scott at October 26, 2007 06:24 AM