October 24, 2007

Wingnuts Blame Fires On Environmentalists

The Sierra Club says it all:

... Not a single fuels reduction project has been appealed in these Southern California forests in a decade. In fact, the vast majority of Forest Service fuel reduction projects nationwide--97 percent, according to a 2003 GAO study--move forward without litigation.

... Experts agree that focusing on the area immediately around homes should be the first priority of any wildfire policy, and the situation so many are facing in California today reinforces this need. We can all agree that removing brush and small trees immediately around homes and communities will help save homes and lives, and we must dedicate the resources needed to do this most important work first. Forest Service experts have shown that this can be accomplished.

Now the Congress and the Bush Administration need the will to protect communities, not the timber industry.

It's a mad, mad world when the pack of climate-deniers who've done the most to prevent action being taken on climate and habitat protection blame the people who've been doing the right thing for the warmer, drier conditions now faced in the West. Some people will just say anything.

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