October 24, 2007

California Wildfires

Free services and shelter listings and liveblogging for those who need to know. Now to the rest of the picture ...

Losses are already over $1 billion.

8,000 firefighters are battling fires that have dislocated almost a million people.

As Paul Rosenberg highlights, drought and higher temperatures have made the situation worse. The state is lucky as hell that the fires hasn't caught the huge stands of beetle-destroyed trees, which you can see from the air flying over the state as large gray-brown patches in the forests.

There are unpleasant consequences to having a warmer and drier climate. Human consequences, economic consequences, environmental consequences. Look for this sort of thing to become more frequent, because carbon emissions have been far in excess of the original estimates on which the official climate scenarious were based.

Once more, with feeling, the official climate reports are optimistic. They far underestimated the rate of ice melt. They far underestimated greenhouse gas emissions. We probably don't have until 2050 to try and reduce CO2 emissions by 80%. We need to get started on working towards carbon neutrality as soon as possible.

Events like this are going to become more common as average temperatures increase, and rainfall patterns become more extreme, with rainfall more frequently coming in either torrential downpours or not at all. Contact your representatives to ask them to push towards legislation that promotes carbon neutrality.

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