October 21, 2007

Breaking Student Loan News

I usually don't look at my Sallie Mae statements. If I could afford to start paying my student loans off while I was in school, I wouldn't have needed to take them out in the first place. Why torture myself?

But this week, I looked. My outstanding interest, that interest which has not yet been added to the principal, is $8,741.77. I'm reminded of something Sheelzebub linked to from Pandagon, Tim Clue, on debt:

Until my situation changes substantially, when I get an envelope in the mail from Sallie Mae, it will be left safely shut from now on.

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My condolences, N.

I was lucky - I left college with all of $3700 in debt to pay off, and my first job out of college racked up so much overtime I had that debt gone within a year. Today it's way, way so much harder to leave college without some monster level of debt.

Which is why I bought, as soon as I could afford it for my daughter, GET credits:


I have four to five years of in-state college tuition covered, and my fourteen year old daughter can take responsibility for at least a portion of room and board. If no major boo-boos happen along, she should be able to get out of at least undergraduate school with minimal financial pain accompanying her.

At least that's the plan.

Posted by: palamedes at October 21, 2007 09:23 PM