October 20, 2007

Obama To Tour With 'Ex-Gay'

I was so, so enthusiastic about Obama when I first heard him at the 2004 DNC convention. Hopefully, I have learned better by now than to believe that these people believe what they're saying before seeing them in action. Actions like talking about healing America's political divisions and then planning a tour with a Christian Right gospel singer whose ex-gay schtick will doubtless keep him on the Dominionist gravy train forever.

Obama will get my support in the primary when hell freezes over.

Thank goodness he seems to have decided to run the Dean campaign all over again, without having learned the many painful lessons of that well-intentioned effort. He seems destined to continuing on for a bit as the most famous Senator Illinois is likely to have in my lifetime, barring that he should be selected for the VP slot.

Posted by natasha at October 20, 2007 10:01 PM | GLBT | Technorati links |

I'm tellin ya, I can't freaking wait for when we start getting atheists running for president, the first one gets my vote almost without looking!

Posted by: Duckman GR at October 20, 2007 10:56 PM

It is disappointing. When Obama first started discussing faith, I thought it was a plus. He was making the case that Republicans did not own faith. More and more, he seems to be pandering to the right's way of playing the religion card. This is a last straw for me. The next time I get an E Mail from his campaign, I will unsubscribe and tell them I cannot support someone who associates themselves with this type of nonsense.

Posted by: Scott at October 21, 2007 08:21 AM