October 16, 2007

Is This Heaven / Other People's Kids

... by Mike Palecek

[This is an excerpt from the Cost of Freedom by Mary Walworth.]

Other People's Kids is part of the new book that's sweeping the nation, "Cost of Freedom," published by Howling Dog Press.

"Cost of Freedom" is a celebration of resistance to the Bush regime.

We are not yet through the woods, but maybe we have time to pause for a party.

A "Cost of Freedom" party.

To order copies of COF, write to HDP publisher Michael Annis, deep in the Rockies of Colorado: writingdangerously@msn.com.




From "Cost of Freedom"

Other People's Kids

... by Mary Walworth, Highland Park, New Jersey

What do you do with other people's kids?

Well, you feed them, of course.

You figure out what's in your fridge that resembles what they're used to at home.

You talk to them. You find out if they would like to make a picture with paints or magic markers. You make them feel safe and loved when they come up to you looking a little scared from wondering why mom hasn't picked them up yet, and you say she's almost there, she was just leaving from work.

You find out if they want white milk or chocolate milk, chicken nuggets or meatballs, a Powder Puff Girls cup or Barbie cup.

These are what you do for other people's kids.

One of the things you don't do to other people's kids is bomb them and burn them alive.

And blow the limbs off their little sisters and blind their little brothers. And send their mothers, stained with blood and stuck all over with little pieces of broken glass, running away from the flames, shrieking with grief.

You just really don't do that.

And you don't kill their daddies.

And you don't steal their countries or their assets. And as for how you act when a kid comes up to you and says he's thirsty, well, you find out if he likes ice cubes or just plain water, sippy cup or big boy cup or the Spiderman sports bottle, or would he rather have the last inch of apple juice from the bottle in the fridge.

You don't cut off their drinking water and make them desperate with thirst and sick with cholera.

And let me tell you ...


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