October 15, 2007

NW Blog Roundup

Orcinus: The Bush administration has been a bad time for science. Why Rush Limbaugh needs to be taken off of Armed Forces Radio. Young people increasingly view Christianity as anti-gay and un-Christlike, for reasons that surely pass beyond understanding. Ahem. It could plainly have nothing to do with public interfaith groups whose sole purpose is to spread hatred of gays.

HorsesAss: In Memoriam: Fort Lewis, 2006-2007. More wankery from the ridiculous Dino Rossi. More very impressive fundraising news from the bodacious Darcy Burner. I love the smell of partisanship in the morning. The president is still bankrupting the country.

Hominid Views: A multimedia extravaganza to satisfy even the hurtingest hard news jones. You know it's George Bush's America when people end up in jail for not breaking our wiretapping laws.

Blue Oregon: How out of touch on the environment is Sen. Gordon Smith? An anti-gay rights petition fails to get enough signatures to make the ballot. Tobacco companies have paid out $10 million to oppose a cigarette tax that is going to be on the ballot. A study of another ballot proposal introducing mandatory minimum sentencing would require Oregon to build three new prisons.

WashBlog: Rep. Jim McDermott says Iran is being set up for an invasion and the time to sound the alarm is now. King County is still considering a voting system purchase that's been opposed in every open forum in which it's been discussed.

McCranium: Rep. Doc Hastings persists in being Washington's last holdout on overriding the S-CHIP veto.

BlatherWatch: A new wingnut KVI radio host says that the goal of Islam is "sex with children." Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks radio show hosts Wesley Clark Jr. for some progressive red meat.

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