October 13, 2007

Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

As Sen. Clinton's website still reads, "Congratulations to Al Gore for his well deserved Nobel Peace Prize. His dedication and tireless work have been instrumental in raising international awareness about global warming." The chair of the award committee, Ole Danbolt Mjoes, said that they "wish[ed] to put world climate on the agenda in connection with peace."

The prize has been previously given for work related to the environment, when the committee awarded it in 2004 to Wangari Maathai, whose peace activism in Kenya was tied to a community tree planting initiative that aimed to combat erosion. One of her many accomplishments that the committee cited was her promotion of sustainable development.

If you remain confused about why climate change relates to world peace, let me sum up: Destabilization of the climate and ocean level rises will lead to the hunger, displacement, and in many cases, death, of tens to hundreds of millions. If you think there won't be any extra wars under those sorts of conditions, um, then think about that for a little while longer.

Now the speculation that Gore will run has gone through the roof, the news stories all seem to mention it and the DailyKos recommended list has been swamped with Gore-related diaries. TocqueDeville's You Can Laugh, But the Gore Mania Should Tell You Something seemed to sum up for me why I keep hoping he'll go ahead and announce: because no one else is particularly inspiring to me.

Meanwhile, Al Gore's 'friends' in the Democratic establishment can't wait to cover him in praise:

... “This obviously turns everybody toward the presidency, but I think he’s saying what he means,” said Paul Begala, a political adviser in the Clinton White House who prepared Mr. Gore for his 2000 presidential debates against George W. Bush. “He knows there’s a Democratic field that Democrats are happy with, and that they don’t need a white knight riding in.”

Democrats also said Mr. Gore’s entry into the messy world of politics would undermine the stature that comes with the prize and his role as a wise man and conscience among many liberals.

“Why would he run for president when he can be a demigod?” said Representative Rahm Emanuel, Democrat of Illinois, who was a top aide in the Clinton White House. “He now towers over all of us because he’s pure.” ...

Let me go on record as a Democrat who isn't happy with the field. As someone who can feel Rep. Emanuel's raw envy pulsing like an overwrought forehead vein through his words. I would rather have as our next president someone mainly recognized by not only the nation, but the international community, for their wisdom and foresight. Though instead, I expect we'll get some tedious, partisan hack of whom I'm already tired, but is nonetheless not horrifying without let as are all of the Republicans.

That's all it takes to be the favorite in American politics these days, to not be completely double-down-Gitmo' insane. Kind of a low bar. Bored now.

This 'he'll sully himself with mere politics' rubbish is the fear of an establishment talking. It's stark terror that the public might hear someone speaking on the same platform as them with the strength of conviction and the power of an honest cause. God forbid someone who's actually an outstanding human being show them up, and force them, regrettably, to pile on the slime in order to preserve their lock on power.

In other news, Atlanta is 3 months away from not having enough water if the river basin they rely on doesn't start getting a lot of rain and Rep. Dingell (D-Big Auto) is still holding Congress hostage over CAFE standard increases that are overwhelmingly supported by his constituents.

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Even CNN had a report about the military's increasing concern about global warming from a security standpoint, so anyone pretending otherwise is either kidding themselves or a wingnut.

We differ on Gore as a candidate, though. I think he is doing what he was meant to do right now and can stay away from D.C. and thereby continue to do it without getting bogged down. I believe he knows that, too.

Perhaps I feel this way because I am happy with the Democratic choices, particularly in Clinton, Obama and Edwards, with good points coming from Biden and Dodd to drive discussion. I must also admit that Gore was not my choice in the run-up to the primaries in 2000.

Anyway, I would be surprised if Gore changed his mind and ran. He could win still, but I don't think he wants the war with Clinton.

Posted by: Scott at October 13, 2007 06:46 AM

Have you ever wondered about the motives of those promoting this global warming scare?

Here is one solution to climate change. This is obviously much simpler than some treaty which will place restrictions on the use of fossil fuels, restrictions that are backed up with the threat of violence.

Why promote capping of emissions as a solution instead of injecting sulfur into the upper atmosphere? could it be that their real goal is to destroy industrial civilization?

Posted by: Michael Ejercito at October 14, 2007 10:20 AM

Michael - Are you high or just a moron? You species traitors come up with more pathetic arguments every time.

Adding sulfur to the atmosphere will eventually increase acid rain. It would be a temporary stopgap that would result in decreased biomass on land, and hence, more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It isn't a solution, it's desperation.

The environment vs. jobs is a false choice. If we really tried to solve our problems, demand for whole new realms of industry and services would open up. If we don't try to solve them, there will be less to eat and Florida (along with a lot of other places) will end up under water. The global economy will not only shrink if we don't avert this problem, it will likely collapse, just to preserve the existing profit structure for a few extra years.

No amount of money could possibly compensate for the destabilization of our human habitat and its ecosystem services. Because this is, after all, our only habitat.

Posted by: natasha at October 15, 2007 12:31 AM