October 12, 2007

Enjoying Your Freedom?

... by Mike Palecek

If you are enjoying your freedom
... thank a protester

I got my copy of COF today - I cried the second I opened it.  You were right, I'm soooooo proud.... I can't believe that my contribution is so BIG and I LOVE THE PICTURE of the girl with the peace sign on her face - she even looks a little bit like me....

WOW - Oh Holy God that book is wonderful.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this - I will be sending my order to you soon.

Re: New Book, "Cost of Freedom"
Published by Howling Dog Press
Publisher & Designer: Michael Annis
Editors: Whitney Trettien, Mike Palecek


COF, Cost of Freedom, is an anthology of stories about people in the current American peace movement — a work of socially and politically conscious literature long overdue.

IN FACT, until Right Now, never done — not even during the protests against the war in Vietnam.

It has been called a literary and cultural landmark, and is certain to be added as an important milestone to the history of protest and dissent.

You will love it, guaranteed. How can we get this book into your hands and into the hands of your customers? Please let us know.

Into the hands of your readers, of your group members.

Into the ears of your listeners.

Into the hearts of your family, friends, neighbors.

COF has been endorsed by Ralph Nader, Harry Belafonte, Thom Hartmann, Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark.

It is a coffee-table style book with lots of photos and great stories.

Don't take our word for it.

Here is a response from a Colorado book dealer, just this past week.

This narrative is publisher Michael Annis talking about his trip to his neighborhood book store in northern Colorado.

Today I took a sample trade copy to Anthology Books, an independent bookstore in town.  I thought we should find out what the response would be attempting to sell COFs here.  Claire, the manager, is also the avid reviewer who is writing the review for BookSense, the trade publication for
independent booksellers nationally. 

The finished COF just knocked her out; prior, she had only seen a review copy. As I was leaving, I asked her to call me after that one sold, and I'd bring her more copies. 

My next stop, 5 minutes away, was the post office.  I had just pulled into a parking place when my cell phone rang, and I answered it and Claire said, "The book is sold already; bring us a few more copies." I brought her three more; asked her to take names and phone numbers, and let customers know the next batch would be ready on Thursday.
She said, "COF isn't just a book; it's an entire movement."

Claire is also planning on having a publication party for COF and some of the staff members at Anthology will read excerpts from it, along with myself reading some of the poems.  We also talked about doing "virtual publication parties" and putting them up on YouTube.  I think we could advertise for other COF contributors to (voluntarily) do the same. 



Here is another response from a COF contributor upon receiving her copy:

Dear Mike,

Wow! In the mail today were my copies of Cost of Freedom!! What a blockbuster piece of work!! I'm taking it with to my Peacelink's Meeting tomorrow afternoon. I never imagined such a coffee table epic!

Another response from a contributor:

Excellent!! Outstanding!!, it arrive yesterday and I am admiring the book with all the contributors. This book is history in the making. Long after we are gone someone will look into this book and know that someone stood up against the war/occupation of Iraq.


And another:

"Michael, Holy poop! Cost of Freedom is absolutely gorgeous!"


"In all my 30 years of publishing and writing, I've never encountered anything so necessary, so incredible. You've really done it with this one."


"This has to be the most important thing Howling Dog Press has ever done."

And ...

Michael, this monumental book is stunning and important and profound and I am
honored to have been a part of it..truly an epic effort on everyone's part. I will send a check tomorrow for 3 more copies and will show it to everyone I know. Hopefully you will find a wide distribution for the book which comes to us in the anti-war/anti-gov. movement at a very critical time. Every library in the country should have a copy! I really cannot thank you enough!! Now must start reading. With great respect to you for your vision, Elena

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