September 23, 2007

Steven Griles' Web of Corruption

A former deputy secretary of the Interior, J. Steven Griles has already been convicted in the Abramoff lobbying scandal, which continues to net new prosecutorial targets. But before his hijinks with Bush's friends, he was whiling away his Reagan administration days cheating the Navajo nation out of coal mining royalties.

Oh, corrupt Republicans, how I long for the ability to keep track of thee, one and all. Craig, Foley, Libby, Ney, Cunningham, Young, Stevens, Vitter, etc., that's about as many as I can name off the top of my head.

Of course, when you mention these things to Republicans, they raise up as if they were powerful charms of protection the word Chappaquiddick and Sen. Robert Byrd's very bygone past. If they're very bright, they may remember Rep. Jefferson and his freezer in NOLA, whom the netroots tried to knock out in a primary. Guys, good job on remembering the Democrats' checkered history, unfortunately, you flunk current events. Thanks for playing.

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