September 12, 2007

Shock, Smash and Grab

First, there comes a crisis. It can be serendipitous or manufactured. Then you're in shock. While you are, they come and take everything you would have defended if you were in your right mind.

But it's 'only' economic. Yeah. Only. Except that this world increasingly operates, there having been a brief hiatus last century in favor of the public good, on the principle of one dollar, one vote. No dollars, no vote. And no food, no healthcare, no piece of land to call your own that you can't be kicked off of, no voice, no way to support a family, no power, no meaningful freedom.

Information is the only innoculation. Inform yourself and share the wealth. Save democracy while you're at it.

(h/t Cliff Schechter)

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I had seen Naomi Klein wrote a book on this subject and was very interested in learning more. What a great way to introduce this subject.

Damn - just what I needed, one more book for my growing list to read.

Posted by: Mary at September 12, 2007 10:14 PM