September 09, 2007

Power of Transforming Love

Do checkout Dave Johnson's report from last week from the Carter Center conference, Faith and Freedom: Protecting Human Rights as Common Cause.

He's done a beautiful job of capturing the flavor of the conference and the talks that were given. I was especially struck by the speech given by Karen Tse of International Bridges to Justice.

The second story in my head, is about a sister who influenced me greatly, when I was in Cambodia and police officers were torturing people. She said, if you want to change this world, if you want to work with police who torture people, you have to find the Christ or Buddha in each of them. This is about the power of transforming love. You have to find a way to reach their humanity. Remember one thing, she said, whatever you focus on will grow.

...We must recognize our mutual humanity, the humanity of those who are not in this room and try to reach out and work with them. I am inspired by what I am hearing, but I also see a disease, a feeling that there are good people and bad people. Who are we shutting out of this process some that we need to work with? There is something else about our spirituality, our faith. Everywhere I have worked it is about the spirit coming forward. Spirit is moving. We can use that.

We will work with the police officers.

Truly something we must all do if we wish to dispel the anger and hatred that scars our world today.

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