September 02, 2007


Consider supporting Heartwood, an organization that works pretty tirelessly to protect the US' remaining wild places, during their 2-for-1 membership drive. And you might be thinking that we have a whole government agency or so already doing that, but not so much.

“When they win, it’s forever. When we win, it’s merely a stay of execution.” - David Brower

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But the major candidates are all for war. Hillary has been hawkish on Iran and Iraq. Obama has been hawkish on Pakistan and now Iran. Rudy and Mitt have been hawkish on everything. If a Democrat wins, we still are at war and the war expands. If a Republican wins, we are still at war and the war expands.

They say a vote for a third party is a wasted vote. But isn't it a wasted vote if both parties are promising the same actions? I believe that the only way forward is to vote for a third party. This would force the corporate-owned Democrats like Hillary out. The party would be forced to change or go away.

Even Republicans are against this war. A third party candidate would have a chance and leave Rudy with the wing-nut votes.

(Don't get me started on Hillary's health care proposal which is just a corporate bail out for her contributors.)

I will not vote for Hillary or Obama. I will look to a third party. Maybe Ron Paul would run with Bloomberg or something. I don't know. It seems hopeless.

Posted by: Bill Franks at September 3, 2007 06:55 PM