August 26, 2007

Worthwhile Viewing

Check out Bill Moyers interview with Michael Copps of the FCC.

BILL MOYERS: What have you learned?

MICHAEL COPPS: I have learned that there's a tremendous amount of concern. I've learned first of all that people understand this issue.

I went to a meeting one time, an ownership hearing. I think it was in-- it was in Arizona. And it was a town with a lot of consolidated media. Very-- I think nothing probably had been-- had been published that we were coming. 500 people showed up for the meeting.

BILL MOYERS: What concerns--

MICHAEL COPPS: So I went down. I went down and asked some of the people. I said, how did you find out about this meeting? You know what they said? One of them said, I heard about it on the BBC.

Wonder why they didn't get this news in their local media?

And in case you missed, here's Jon Stewart on Bush's Magical History Tour.

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