August 22, 2007

Local Bounty In Seattle

Hey there, Washington State readers! Just in case you missed it, jillian's regular environmental news roundup, Breaking! ... The Earth, recently included a great story about eating local in the Puget Sound.

And I'm happy to report that we've had cool, windy, drizzly to rainy weather out here in DC for the last couple days. Wahoo! It's been great. Or, at least much, much better. Very excited about being able to turn the air conditioner off at night. That thing is noisy. But there will probably be no joy on the Dr. Marten's front until the depths of winter. It's still too humid to really get away with wearing a proper pair of sturdy, high boots with hiking socks, even at night.

Can you just feel the homesickness radiating off the page?

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