August 17, 2007

The Species Traitor Returns

Bjorn Lomborg, who's made a career out of being embarassingly wrong, has a new book out. He says the environmental community is much, much too alarmed about this end-of-civilization-as-we-know-it thing. His book has already garnished a rave review from fiction author Michael Crichton, President Bush's favorite climate expert, who stands shoulder to shoulder with Lomborg in trying to save the world's poor from the ravening clutches of climatologists, oceanographers, limnologists, field biologists, and other microscope-wielding monsters.

Funny how their unscientific criticisms are the most popular among people who've done very little to sod all to help the poor when threatened by non-scientist related perils. Funny. Ha, ha.

Apparently, and this is hilarious, Lomborg thinks you can solve hunger while ignoring a climate crisis whose droughts, floods, and unstable weather patterns reduce crop yields and water supplies for the world's poorest people. He thinks you can fix global public health as malarial mosquito habitat spreads across the globe. He thinks we'll be able to have a functional economy with less food, less fiber, far less fish, more money spent on damage control and catastrophe cleanup, millions of climate refugees, sinking coastlines, and more resource wars.

But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

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