August 12, 2007

Blog Trawl

Here's a set of picture diaries from YearlyKos. Not exactly newsworthy, except in the, 'Bill O'Reilly is a punk if he thinks these people are part of a hate movement,' sort of way: hekebolos, SundayHighway, Eddie C and dmsilev.

Zimbabwe passes warrantless government eavesdropping bill, cites US law as precedent. What can one say to that?

Bob Geiger has the Saturday cartoons, and I urge you to go check them out before the rest of the news gets even more grating than the Zimbabwe thing and you find yourself clenching your jaw in a way that would irritate your dentist. I mean, dude, how can it be that we just passed a more oppressive surveillance law than they formerly had on the books in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe!? It's dizzying.

OpenLeft: Our conservative congressional majority, and some thoughts on how to change the Democratic culture of caution. Also, a speech by FCC Commissioner Michael Copps on preserving equal, public access to the internet.

Needlenose: North Carolina is no longer friendly territory for corporate conservatism. The Iraqis don't have to all be killed directly, a lack of fresh water will take care of that problem for us. In other Iraq news, it isn't just Shia vs. Sunni anymore, it's Shiites turning on each other as they vie for power.

Pandagon: What does it mean to have a perfect wife? How I stopped worrying and learned to love my debt.

Orcinus: Bill Sali doesn't think Muslims should be in Congress, but now he's trying to backtrack. The Founders wouldn't have approved, nor would the evangelicals of another era, but the evangelical movement has been co-opted by corporate Dominionists who actively seek to become a state religion and exclude other faiths.

Rude Pundit: If being gay automatically makes you a bad parent, does being straight automatically make you a good one? Yeah, I don't buy that one either. Also, who murdered Pvt. Lavena Johnson while she was deployed in Iraq?

Suburban Guerrilla: How about supporting homeless vets becoming a bare minimum standard for being able to claim that you support the troops, hmm? What you get when housing becomes a speculative industry. Why, oh why, haven't human beings learned that they can't see the future?

Agonist: Immigration enforcement is damaging the US government's ability to operate from a place of respect for human rights. The UK government is going to use terrorism laws against climate change protestors.

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