August 10, 2007

Commonweal Institute At Yearly Kos

Commonweal Institute was well represented at Yearly Kos this year. Much of that was due to Dave Johnson of Seeing the Forest who had a phenomenal five panels which he either organized or on which he was a panelist.


Dave Johnson

Our new CI Executive Director, Barry Kendall, also attended. And he spent a lot of time getting to know a number of people. I was able to catch him with Dave, Marcy Wheeler and our own Natasha.

barry-dave2.JPG marcy-barry2.JPG barry-natasha2.JPG

Barry & Dave

Barry & Marcy

Barry & Natasha

Other Commonweal Institute fellows attending the conference as panelists were Bill Scher, Chris Bowers and Patrick O’Heffernan.

It was really great to attend this conference and to see how the vision of Commonweal Institute of creating a progressive infrastructure is truly bearing fruit.

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