August 02, 2007

Yearly Kos 2007

It's a good convention out here in Chicago, and I've been asking questions, meeting people, seeing old friends and all kind of crazy things like that. Funny thing, socializing isn't particularly conducive to blogging a lot. At least not in the moment.

I'll be around on and off, though I've already gotten some useful reader pushback over my writing on Booman Tribune and elsewhere that I wouldn't have gotten if I hadn't been wandering around loose. Apparently, I've fallen into the trap of leaving women's issues out of the 'serious' topics I write about in other venues. Point taken.

Update: And, by the way, this pushback was delivered in the very nicest possible way, and I was just very happy to know that I was being read.

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Yoink! RSS Feed acquired. Yeah, this is part of that socializing and seeing old friends you mentioned.

Enjoying getting caught up on the back issues... ;)

Posted by: Rob at August 5, 2007 01:07 PM