July 29, 2007

Moderate Death Squads

Atrios linked to this article called "Partisans Gone Wild" by Anne-Marie Slaughter. Supposedly, it's about the virtues of bipartisanship, possibly how it will Save America. Maybe the little Baby Aspirin will be prevented from crying. Who can say? Well, not me.

Because I read this sentence, which is long enough that I might have written it, and the little hamster wheel apparatus which powers my gray matter suddenly seized up and cut off the energy funds necessary to read any further down:

... The Bush administration, which has been notorious for playing to its hard-right base, has started reaching across the aisle, with its admirable immigration bill (even though it failed), with its new push for a diplomatic strategy toward North Korea and Iran, and above all with its choice of three seasoned moderates for important positions: Robert M. Gates as defense secretary, John D. Negroponte as deputy secretary of state and Robert B. Zoellick as World Bank president. ...

And at first I thought, ha, well, Bush may well have run out of everybody else to hire, leaving him with a limited candidate pool. One has these foolish moments of optimism. But no. No, because I looked at that middle name again and nearly had a fit.

John 'Death Squad' Negroponte. Is. In someone's realm of imagination. A moderate. If I were not already very, very insomniac, I would be now.

I've heard people say to me that it's important for a new publication, website, what have you to be, as Atrios would say, serious. Maybe credible. Or, in another popular adjective, respectable.

If death squads are respectable, and the people who contrive to forget about them serious, and the people who decide to publish these addled apologia are Very Credible Indeed, count me out of respectability. It's been challenging to keep hold of my sanity all these years, you know how it is. Life. If I ever got quite that respectable, my connection to reality would surely be snapped like a chicken bone. I might succumb to terrible tendencies, such as wanting sinecures, or forgetting that sometimes I'm a complete prat, or looking at a map of the Middle East and thinking to myself that they just don't have enough wars going on over there.

You just can't know how the madness might manifest itself. So, probably for the best that I've permanently inoculated myself against respectability. I mean, well, you've read this blog. Good grief. If for some reason it didn't take, certain friends who know who they are have been authorized to perform an intervention.

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