July 27, 2007

What Fox TV Teaches

Rick Perlstein has a sad story about how his elderly grandmother became more and more fearful as she stayed away from the frightening world outside her room.

One evening's visit, all became clear. She gestured at the blaring TV set. The excruciating grandma-volume was even more excruciating than usual, because she was visiting with her best TV friend. She told me how much she adored Bill O'Reilly. My wife and I cringed. Watching our latter-day Joe McCarthy on TV every night, she had learned, late in life—for this development was entirely new—how to hate her fellow Americans. I almost cried, because one of the people she was learning how to hate was me.

Then he notes that we can make a difference if we let local advertisers that support FOX hear from us that they are supporting a company that teaches hate of ordinary Americans. Become a FOX Attacker.

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This strategy is already proving effective. From Kos:


(Lowes pulls advertising from O'Reilly)

Posted by: Mike at July 28, 2007 12:50 AM

Remember, every time you point your finger at one of us, three (3) of your own are pointing back at you!

Posted by: Bernie Smith at July 28, 2007 01:03 PM