July 26, 2007

Pakistani Goth Chick

From the New York Times a couple days ago, Red Mosque Fueled Islamic Fire in Young Women:

... Miss [Hameeda] Sarfraz, an alumna of the now bullet-ridden Jamia Hafsa Islamic school for girls, says she deeply regrets missing her chance to be a martyr. She fled through the back door of the school on July 3, just hours after a gun battle began between Pakistani special forces and militants holed up in the neighboring Red Mosque, the parent institution of Jamia Hafsa.

... “I miss Jamia,” she continued. “My contact with books is gone. At home the only thing for me to do is take care of my parents. I clean the house. I cook.”

She and others came back with a mission to reform their families and their communities, cajoling their mothers and sisters to hide themselves in black burqas. They say they have lost interest in the pleasures of this life, though some, like Miss Akhtar, have yet to give up on pleasures like painting their toenails in dark red. They express an obsession with the afterlife. ...

Parents in America bitch and complain about kids going punk, going Goth, or whatever they do these days. Let me tell you, this Ms. Sarfraz is a baby Goth yearning to breathe free. Yet because she lives in Pakistan and wouldn't have learned to read unless she'd gotten educated at a right wing religious school, she's now a hardcore theocrat. That makes me said. You have no idea how much.

So don't complain too much. People usually grow out of their little teenage fringe subcultures, get jobs, pay taxes, and go on to have ungrateful children who join little fringe subcultures to piss off their parents. The cycle, it continueth in all things.

There's nothing about the melancholy diversions stemming from your kids' beliefs that the world is unfair, and perhaps boring, that's especially likely to deform them for life. Certainly not moreso than the melancholy diversions of taking up a radical right religious faith that believes the world they live in is essentially evil.

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