July 23, 2007

Thought Rant for the Day

I hate Windows Vista with a burning, fiery passion.

The number of times it has turned my 2.00 GHz CPU, 140 Gig hard drive, and 2046 MB of RAM into a useless brick that I wanted nothing more than to toss in a lake are really starting to pile up.

The Task Manager, the savior of all hung programs, doesn't work. The old one in XP would get me out of most any jam within 5 minutes flat, maximum. And my foolish hope that, just once, this one will work the same way, has wasted hours of my time this last week alone. You can click the End Program button a billion times and it will be just as hung up as the program it's supposed to be trying to end, though the glossy button graphic will sure the heck look like it's been pressed and received input. You might as well be a hamster hitting up a button that some sadistic researcher has conditioned you to believe will release sugar water. So no, you have to go directly to the process, and end that. And that will work, and then the next window you go to interact with will immediately hang.

Rinse, repeat. God help you if, at this point, you can even get the dang thing to turn off. It's a very cold, cold boot to get a semblance of normality back.

The way they've changed the networking functionality is further infuriating, I can't find a damn thing anymore. It makes it 'automatic' and therefore mystifying as to how to setup login information, and it keeps refusing to see certain wireless networks that I know bloody well are there because the person next to me is merrily accessing away. Unless that's the ridiculous Draft N wireless card I got that was supposed to work so much better, but doesn't. The stupid thing has gone off because of interference from my phone. And you'd better start up with the prayers again if you have intermittent wireless connectivity problems, a few open browsers and one window that's trying to get information from the network. Go back two paragraphs, try to avoid leaving bruises as you bang your head repeatedly on the desk.

Processes are humming away in the back of this thing that make me feel my computer has been hijacked. It takes so long to start up, it's like watching paint dry. By which point, I'm irritated as all get out, and the browser windows I was working with and referencing for whatever I was writing will now need to be looked up again. And that's the other irritating thing.

As I may have mentioned, practically nothing is ever open on my computer desktop besides browser windows, a word processing program and maybe Adobe Acrobat Reader. I don't even own any fancy video games. I use Photoshop once in a blue moon to trim my travel photos down for personal use. Sometimes, I have iTunes running, but not lately. And still, I can't get a full day's work out of this thing, which is less stable than the rarely updated factory installation of XP home on my 2004 computer. If they didn't plan obsolescence into these things, and the web pages didn't keep getting fancier, I could be happily using my 1999 computer for all I do with one.

Did I mention that I hate Windows Vista?

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Remember when little Billy Gates was being sued by the Gumment for having a "Monopoly" on Operating system software? You don't hear much about that anymore. The reason is simple. Little Billy made a deal. The Gumment wanted an easy way to keep track of all the web sites that you and I visit. After all, you and I could be islamic Jihadists without even knowing it. Little Billy said OK. New Software to make Gumment spying easier. No anti-trust mess for little Billy.
Quid pro Quo.

Posted by: Brian76239 at July 24, 2007 05:39 AM

Yet another reason to buy a Mac.

Posted by: Mike at July 24, 2007 07:53 AM

Turn off UAC immediately! Google it - there are several ways to turn it off.

Posted by: RobertSeattle at July 24, 2007 07:58 AM

You're not alone.

The president of Acer also hates Vista

Posted by: Lis Riba at July 24, 2007 08:52 AM

You're not alone.

The president of Acer also hates Vista

Posted by: Lis Riba at July 24, 2007 08:53 AM

First, you probably already know this, but there are six versions of Vista. Are you sure you're using the one best suited to your specific PC?

Second, two of my co-workers, hardcore Windows fans, installed Vista on home computers to prepare for when our company makes it a standard install in January. Both were back with Windows XP within two weeks, and both are pretty crestfallen about the new OS.

Third, said installation standard in January has people in my building looking really, really, really seriously at making SuSE Linux their primary OS. This will probably get very interesting as an issue come October, when a slew of PCs at my department get to be recycled and new devices purchased. SuSE isn't where it needs to be on a few key issues vis-a-vis our department's needs, but I suspect those issues can be solved much faster than the issues of integrating Vista into our department can.

Fourth, in part because my daughter requires a pry bar to get her off the home PC (Windows XP) these days, if the budget can stand it, I'm looking seriously at the new iMac once it's out late in the next month or so.

My two bits...

Posted by: palamedes at July 24, 2007 10:38 PM