July 09, 2007

Summer Monday Blogging

OpenLeft: The new blog by Chris Bowers, Mike Lux and Matt Stoller is now open. Net neutrality and a look at the higher cost of entry into the top ranks of the progressive blogosphere are on the menu for your reading enjoyment.

Alas, A Blog: Why it's hard to criminalize female genital surgery and get the desired goal (no more FGS), and why this is especially true in Egypt. A would-be lawyer blames lesbians for flunking his bar exam. Supporting universal health care is a good idea because you just never know what will happen. A journalist refuses three times to lead with the Paris Hilton story while her co-anchors act like rude, demeaning, sexist jerks. Mika Brzezinski, you've got a new fan:

Feministe: Sign the petition to lift the Global Gag Rule and support funding for the UNFPA. The anti-contraceptive position: No Sex For The Poor. Some people would think it was bad taste to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of an assassination with an aggressive clinic siege, but those people aren't members of the woman-hating, clinic-worker-stalking, violence-glorifying, 'pro-life', terrorist organizations like Operation Rescue, Operation Save America and Rescue America. And, as Nymphalidae says in the comments to that post, "Advocating forced birth is advocating violence against women."

The siege on the Birmingham clinic is headed by Operation Save America leader Flip Benham, who has some friends in very high places — and some friends who are very dangerous. Benham and other “pro-life” activists will insist that their movement isn’t violent, and that it’s only a handful of extremists who are taking these kinds of actions. That would be believable if not for statistics — like the fact that in 1996, almost a third of abortion clinics reported violent attacks. And the fact that there have been 24 murders or attempted murders. 41 bombings. 173 arsons. 93 attempted bombings and arsons. 378 invasions. 1292 acts of vandalism. 1702 tresspassings. 100 butyric acid attacks. 655 anthrax threats. 162 assault & batteries. 385 death threats. 4 kidnappings. 126 burglaries. 487 stalkings. 11725 incidents of hate mail/harassing calls. 101 hoax packages and devices. 620 bomb threats. 751 clinic blockades.

Peaceful and non-violent my ass.

Orcinus: Hate groups inflitrating U.S. military. As a general rule, victims of hate crimes tend to show worse psychological scarring than victims of other types of crime, and in a particular case, apparently led to the suicide of a Latino teen brutalized by White supremacists. World attitudes about America stem from several factors, chiefly interesting: "[T]he US has simply made it too hard for other people to exist." An attempted church bombing has landed three domestic terrorists in jail.

The Sideshow: Avedon finds all the coolest links, as usual. Head on over and scroll all around.

DailyKos: A Florida memo surfaces regarding Republican suppression of the Black vote. Why are we outsourcing national security to unaccountable contractors? Adding insult to customer injury, Sprint will cancel your cell service if you complain too much, which I just *so* wish was a more surprising thing for a big, impersonal, modern, U.S. corporation to do. Republicans get serious about national security. The White House is stonewalling Congress on the U.S. Attorneys inquiry, with the basic argument that they just don't wanna talk to them.

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