July 07, 2007


How free can we be if our natural habitat is destroyed? Join everyone else who's watching the Live Earth concert today. Enjoy some music, pledge to shoulder a small part of the work to save the world, it's all good. And fun. I firmly believe that a person should try to have a good time while trying to do good things, it's important for morale.

How free can we be if the only thing we have time to do is slave away for a paycheck?

... I dread to find out how they enforce the one-hobby rule. Are you fired if you read a book and then tend to your garden in the same day? Does a weekend excursion to a movie count as a “hobby”? But the larger point is made; the fact of people’s peopleness is repugnant to the conservative elite, and since they can’t quite kill us all off and replace us with robots, they’ll just simply dry up your freedom until you are essentially a machine who has no life.

Certainly, once you cede that amount of control over your personal life just so you don’t drown in debt or live in poverty, you’re definitely going to be too scared to organize politically or even express your political opinions. Or vote. ...

How free can we be when our food supply system is slowly killing us off, draining our local economies and poisoning the world we live in? You can start by asking a few extra questions, as applicable and as you have the chance, when you're shopping for food: Is it local? Is it organic? Is it grass-fed? Is it fair trade? Do I recognize the ingredients in this as food items all on their own? Is there anything in this package besides corn derivatives?

Figure out what kind of world you want to live in and leave behind. Wake up every day and do at least one thing to make it happen. Start today. We can all set each other free.

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If you think Al Gore is going to save us from the ravages of militant industrial capitalism, you must be smoking crack. The man who killed Kyoto? The man who pitched Nafta to the right-wing? The man who prevented South Africa from manufacturing generic AIDS drugs to protect nonexistent patent rights for big pharm? You kids are naive. Gore's a spokesman for the Beast, and he's got the left hoodwinked. Comparing himself to Gandhi and King? Please. When did Gore participate in civil disobedience. He's a High Honor Guard Lizard and you have been hoodwinked alright, you have been had.

Posted by: jd tecumseh at July 8, 2007 11:23 PM

You know, until I saw the lizard remark, I was sort of getting ready to respond to your points.

Posted by: natasha at July 9, 2007 10:54 AM