July 04, 2007

Is This Heaven? Dispatch 10

... by Mike Palecek

"The greatest purveyor of violence on earth is my own government." Martin Luther King Jr.

"This planet is deeply troubled, and the main cause of it is our own government." Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark


This is Iowa, where all the cucumbers are strong, all the tomatoes are good looking, and all the bell peppers, are above average.

The American Dream.

We're screaming one morning on a changing table.

We look up and there it is, all around us.

Faces and TVs, toasters, ice makers, toast.

From then on it never stops.

We are living in the dream. We are it. It is us.

There is no getting out of the dream.

Unless we make ourselves wake up.

I submit that the American Dream is not real.

I don't know any more about what really has happened in our historythan you do, but I do believe we have been lied to at various times.

That is grand theft.

A theft of our identity.

We don't even know who we are because we cannot decipher fact from fiction in our history books.

I think we need to ask more questions. We need to be more curious and not accept what rich men and women tell us is the truth just because we equate riches with accomplishment, worth and knowledge.

We need to fight hard for the truth. What else do we have.

How can we go another day without really knowing what the hell is going on.


Forget about the car bomb fire in Glasgow and the alleged car bombs in London.

They are CIA disinformation projects designed to ultimately bring about dictatorial powers for George Bush and Dick Cheney, via the recent presidential directive whereby Bush game himself total power in the case of a national emergency.

And then there's the looming invasion of Iran.

There are those who say this government is too stupid to pull off this kind of stuff, or that they are incapable of such evil.

I think Dick Cheney and Karl Rove and probably nine guys we don't even know about are plenty smart to do this, and also to kill Paul Wellstone and pull off the 911 attacks, as well as a hundred things we don't even know about.

I think there is no question they have it in their hearts to commit murder.

They shed no tears over the thousands of American and Iraq citizens killed in their nonsense, made-up war over oil.

This is what I believe.

You believe what you want.

That is your right. Do it. Go for it.

Do not believe what I want you to believe, or what George Bush or Dick Cheney or some CIA drone robot reporter on "The Nightly News" wants you to believe.

Be a beacon, a light of hope shining from the rocks out into the night.

One of a thousand points of light leading the prison bus on to Leavenworth packed with members of the Bush family, handcuffed and shackled.


We will always be able to believe what we want.

God Bless America.

We may not always be able to say what we want or write what we want.

But deep within each soul and heart and mind will always be a refuge of hope and compassion and reason and spirit and humor and life.

For now we are able to say what we want. It is important to do that so we keep the right.

My current bumper stickers say:

Impeach Bush

Jail Bush

911 Was An Inside Job

I feel those messages do some good toward moving this huge effing ship with my one chipped, weathered oar toward some unseen port of good hope.

At each stop sign or red light, and when I get passed on the highway or when I pass someone.

When I park on the street at home.

When I park on the street at work in one of the most conservative little towns in the universe.

Some folks might say, hell, yes, this Bush bunch is a gang of criminals, but let's just get out of Iraq, focus on that.


Let's get out of Iraq and solve this legacy thing.

I need to know what our true history is.

Or else lets just not have high school history books.

Is it ironic that Oswald was supposed to be in a window of the building that distributes these things to schools all over the country?

Why should a teacher spend her whole lifetime devoted to spreading lies.

Because we have no help from the regular media, we might not get to the bottom of this until Bush and Cheney are out of office or dead.

But to know that Cheney, Bush, Rove, and Rumsfeld's mutated lizard spawn will have to live each and every moment of their seemingly endless, dreary, desperate, inconsequential, horrid little lives with the knowledge that the world knows the truth about their serpent-tongue family ... is at least ... well ... it's just got to make you smile ... no matter who you are.

Lots of people know about the basics of the 911 Truth movement, but lots more do not.

If you are interested, just fyi:

If you want, Google these: Loose Change, 911 Truth, 911 Blogger, David Ray Griffin, William Rodriguez, 911 Press for Truth, Dr. Steven Jones, Kevin Barrett.

Here's more

... and more

... and some more

In my novel "Looking For Bigfoot" an Iowan named Jack Robert King an underground radio announcer takes off for Oregon to "find Bigfoot," to find the truth about America and all its myths and lies.

Jack wants to find out if this is a great country or what.

I have been fortunate lately to be invited on a few radio shows for interviews in Sante Fe, Sioux Falls, Vancouver, Madison.

Over the years I have been invited onto shows with Karen Kwiatkowski, Greg Szymanski, Black Op Radio, Kevin Barrett, A'Jamal Byndon.

Also Arts Magazine on WBAI radio, New York City.

At first I was not too excited about doing that, or talking to people on a book tour. I wanted to be Joe Author sitting at home with the world stopping by every now and then to kiss his ring.

But nobody came and they kept on not coming.

And I found out it's kind of fun to get out of the compound once in awhile and talk to people.

I'll be on "Radio Active Lunch" July 4th.

I received this very nice email note inviting me.

Pretty cool.



Hi Mike

Adam Roufberg from FreeRangeThought here. I just got approved for my new program www.RadioActiveLunch.com (website under construction) on WVKR - Vassar College Radio.

My first program is on the 4th of July and I can think of no better time to start such a program as I intend this to be, and no better person than yourself to join me to discuss your book "The American Dream" which I find to be an amazing work (you are my new favourite writer, now that Vonnegut is dead).

The program airs from 12 noon - 1 PM and streams live on the internet. I will have some live music as well and, if you can stay with me for the entire hour, we can bounce back and forth between conversation and music. If you can make it on and have a time constraint, let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.


From LFBF:

Looking For Bigfoot is published by Howling Dog Press.

This is Jack Robert King on his radio show, which he airs from his home, the farm house that sits on the Field of Dreams movie site near Dyersville, Iowa.

"Is this heaven?

"Hell no.

"This morning's program is brought to you by National Guard Deodorant.

"If you want to overcome the smell of abject terror rising from beneath your body armor like swamp mist, throw on some National Guard. Keep 'em thinkin' you're a tough guy.

"Available in stick and spray.

"Look for the camouflaged box and the picture of George W. Bush in flight gear.

"What would you do if you saw a real alien, in person? What would you really, actually, honestly do if somehow you knew the truth about that day in Dallas?

"What could you do?"

"Would you write a reasoned letter to the editor so that everyone would know the truth along with you?

"Would you report it to the proper authorities?

"Would you forget about it?

"Would you drive your car into a fence post?

"... we are liars when we go around the world, kill others and call that fighting for our freedom.

"When professional athletes go on television, say at Christmas time, and say thanks to the troops for protecting our freedom, that is a huge lie.

"They are not protecting us.

"They are killing for Bush and Rumsfeld and Cheney and others in order to make rich men even richer.

"How stupid do they think we are?

"The truth is not available in any newspaper stand or magazine or from the lips of Tom Brokaw.

"To find the truth about America you have to look in the shadows, under the rocks, run after the loose pieces of paper blowing across the convenience store parking lot.

"The truth about America is not to be found in any morning news meeting agenda for CBS.

"It is to be found in pencil scribbles of prisoners in solitary confinement in Terre Haute Penitentiary; it's written on the back of a Pine Ridge grocery store receipt.

"If you want to find out the truth about America you need to open your mind.

"You need to be ready to believe in things they laugh about on 'The Tonight Show' and over morning coffee at the truck stop.

"You will need to say to hell you what you guys think. To hell with you guys there's something out there and I'm going to find out what it is.

"You need to go looking for Bigfoot."

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