July 03, 2007

CIA Plot Against Castro Verified

Allen Dulles personally signed off on an assassination plot against Castro during the Kennedy administration.

When will people understand that this kind of thing isn't really about how bad the putative target is? It's about what kind of country the United States is. As it happens, it's the kind of country that makes plans to assassinate the leaders of other countries with whom it has political disagreements and without regard to the actual level of security threat.

But if you insist on making it about how bad the other party is ...

Cuba is communist, but so is China. We trade with China, perhaps even more than is entirely sensible. We won't trade with Cuba, except under the most tortuous of backchannels. China has spied on the United States, engaging in both governmental and corporate espionage, and actually poses a military threat. Cuba sends boatpeople to Florida on top of inventively rigged rafts. China drove tanks into student demonstrations and to this day routinely executes and tortures political prisoners, while in the meantime and ongoing, they've undertaken the systemic destruction of Tibet and have pushed Nepal into a state of permanent crisis. Cuba at present is known to put political prisoners in jail.

Even during the Cuban missile crisis so very many years ago, the real threat wasn't Cuba, but the Soviet Union. The Soviets had missiles, Cuba had an interesting strategic location and a lot of sugar cane. We opened up talks with the Soviets before they weren't Soviets anymore, but still won't talk to Cuba.

I can just smell the logic.

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