July 03, 2007

A bit of karma

I've always thought that a little visible karma would go a long way to helping teach people some empathy. Sue Townsend, the author of the side-splitting The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Age 13 and 3/4, also wrote The Queen and I, a hilarious take where the royal family was kicked out of their palace and forced to go live in the projects with the rest of the British families on welfare.

One of the stories in Sicko is about a couple who both became sick, lost their jobs, and then their their health insurance and finally their home. So they ended up having to move in with their 22-year old daughter and her young family who had a spare room that they could use. It would be really poetic justice if the Bush's were stripped of their wealth, their friends and their property so they too could go camp out in Jenna's home. Clearly they've never had to worry their little minds about what its like to be an ordinary person who though no fault of their own loses all control of their lives. And besides, a little lesson in empathy might help save their souls.

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I've just started listening to an audio CD set of Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction. That and the previous two sets of books by Ms. Townsend were a recent, pleasant surprise when I found she had gone past Adrian's childhood years.

As for our current First Family, I think the closest thing to punishment that we'll see for them is that Daddy Bush is seen as irrelevant by a political party that's determined to rely more on hatred and fear than corporate cash (and irrelevant by a general public unless he's standing beside Bill Clinton), and Scrub suffers a much longer version of what LBJ suffered - being ignored by a nation that associated him too closely with an unpopular war and the tearing asunder of society that followed (in part due to the war, in part due to "digesting" what in LBJs day were positive domestic policy changes (the creation of medicare, for instance), as opposed to Shtrub's negative domestic policy changes (too long to list here)).

LBJ, though, was at least ashamed of some of the things he did. Shrub's time after the White House will be much harder on him and those close by him, because he has no such capacity, and he will increasingly live in a world of confusion and rage as his own party runs away from him and his present allies shirk his requests to stay involved.

Given the destruction he and his cronies has caused, it's of little comfort, but it's something.

And in the meantime I pray there is a Hell for such people as him, and that he learns what suffering is there.

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