June 23, 2007

Digby! Digby! Digby!


For those of us who hang out in blogtopia (y!sctp), Digby has long been considered a national treasure. Writing pseudonymously, Digby earned our admiration and devotion for brilliant and incisive writing day after day after day. One reason her "outing" was such a delight was because it gives us a chance to write about her and to reflect on how much she has done for us: clarifying our thoughts, providing profound insight into the human dynamics that are driving our politics and giving intense joy when she writes about the cad in the White House with such withering and deserved scorn. After all, it was Digby who coined the name President Codpiece for the outrageous stunt where Bush crowed that the war was won on May 1, 2003 in the making of an expensive political ad.

When I stopped by Hullabaloo for my morning fix, I found this wonderful example of the serendipity one finds in the blogging world: Digby on Digby. I've always like the BAGnewsnotes ad on Hullabaloo for the eye-catching visual take on the news and I often read the blog to see what our images says about our culture. So it was fun to see Michael's take on Digby's coming out.

I share the hope, repeated up and down in various discussion threads over the past few days, that Digby will reflect on, and will blog about this fascinating social enactment. Personally, I think the loss of the "mystique" is actually a tremendous gain. Not only have our gender assumptions been tested and exposed; and not only has the blogosphere gained another influential women; and not only has a blow been struck against the stereotyping of strength (and tone, and written voice); but clearly, nobody can read Digby again without the now verifiable confirmation that she speaks to, and for, all of us.

And finally, what a treat to view every last frame of that marvelous speech through the Hullabaloo in my old "mind's eye." In this inspired person's expressions and gestures, the reading experience -- the humor, the outrage, the "flat out" confidence, the gotcha, the subtle aside -- was suddenly all so animated.

Digby, with all the passion and reverence you have for words, you have also encouraged me so much with your regard for pictures. With that in mind, all I can say is: What a pleasure to see you!

For me, the biggest disappointment of not getting to attend the Take Back America conference was missing the chance to meet Digby in person. Thank you, Digby, for being our pundit, our voice, our conscience, our teacher, and our online friend.

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