June 21, 2007

Brownback!? Where's my Siouxsie?

Somehow, when I thought I was clicking on an innocuous pop song, I looked away at exactly the wrong moment and tabbed off to another window. What should my impressionable ears hear but the voice of Sen. Sam Brownback, the guy who, along with his aide, seems to think it's a rape victim's "sacred duty" to have her rapist's baby. Just, eewwwwwwwww. Hearing this creep drone on about being not just pro-life, but "whole life" is nauseating.

Because he doesn't just care about the unborn, but about children in Darfur. See? Two! Two whole classes of people who need to be given a damn about!

Women of childbearing age still seem to be excluded from his deep well of concern though, as do gays serving in the military and people with gay friends, or Kansas residents who need disaster relief, and he seems to believe that Christianity is under attack, which justified spending time at a conference full of people who think that Katrina was the punishment of an angry God. But I guess he's working hard to improve himself as a person. Work harder, Senator, work harder.

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