June 20, 2007

Thought For The Day

Moving house is a great time to shed stuff. The one minor blessing of moving approximately every six months (good freakin gods) is that the more often it happens, the more it makes you think about whether or not you REALLY want the stuff that seems to be forever accumulating in boxes and on shelves.

Especially if it's sturdy and has a lot of good years of use left in it. Because that just means it has a lot of good years left in which to depress you just knowing that you own it.

If it's trashed, recycle it or dump it. If it's still good, take it to the thrift store so someone else can use it for as long as they like. The only snag in the plan is that there's a point at which it takes long enough to sort through that it's more time efficient to just bring it with you again. And that is super irritating.

Thank heavens I'm moving to a very small place this time. Really. Some things are going into storage probably, but I'm working on minimizing that.

I think I'll miss my books the most. More a collection of fetish objects than anything else, because while I would read or reference them, that hasn't been their primary purpose for a very long time. They and my bookshelves have constituted sort of a portable icon of a homestead. The easiest things to pack and unpack (though obviously not to haul), before, they were always the first things to get put away. And then I would think, 'well, my books are here, so this is where I live now.' At the place I'm at now, I realized it would be a very temporary stay before I could even unpack them, so I didn't.

When they were out in a room where I could see them all the time, with their colorful and inviting bindings cheerily brightening my surroundings, I was very attached to them. Now, still packed silently into their bland, brown boxes after several months, my responsibility for them makes me tired.

Last time I moved, I thought I'd pared down to the absolute minimum number of books that I could stand. They still filled well over a cubic yard full of boxes and overflowed the two six foot bookcases that have housed them for years. But it's time to part ways with any of them that are likely to be found at a library or that I could easily replace if I wanted them again. And I'm so glad I only subscribed to Science for a year, it will be like pulling teeth to toss those. Still, a good library will have their clones at the ready. It will be all right.

It will.

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Posted by natasha at June 20, 2007 12:53 PM | Random Mumblings | Technorati links |

See, that one would be so hard for me. Books and CDs/albums would be like losing a limb. I know they are all replaceable and all, but, oooh, that'd be hard. You're way more disciplined then I could be.

Posted by: Scott at June 20, 2007 06:32 PM

The day e-books become a reality, and it's almost here, that'll be when I'll be giving up my pile of paper.

When I can stash Page Smith's wonderful series of books on American history onto CDs/DVDs and read them clearly, my life becomes a laptop, headphones, an external hard disk for backups, and four CD/DVD boxes filled with the obvious, to keep the minions of the RIAA (and perhaps the ABA?) at bay. ;-)

Posted by: palamedes at June 20, 2007 08:22 PM