June 14, 2007

News Trawl

IAEA chief - Attacking Iran "would be an act of madness."

Bird-like dinosaur fossil found in Mongolia, far larger and heavier than previously discovered feathered dinosaurs.

Media ownership concentration is a transnational problem.

... It's a state of mind that drives out balanced analysis: unless there's a "crisis", it won't make the cut. This isn't new or special to the era of a Labour government, but it's got worse and it's done without reader or audience research which might reveal people are equally interested in stories of improvement - or at least of complexity.

The malevelovence of the media is underestimated by social researchers. Historians leave its deformations to footnotes. But it helps explain why an ever more prosperous, secure and healthy country is so unhappy and fearful. ...

What the 'Christian' hard right wants, in case you didn't already know, is to follow forcing everyone to live by their rules with the end of the world:

In recent appearances on two US cable news networks, he was slinging and zinging - the well-rehearsed pitchman for the biblical "End Times" was dead certain that "Iran is going to have to be attacked" before 2008. He also claimed that during a recent visit to Iraq, he was told by intelligence sources that Iran had given the green light to Hezbollah to unleash suicide bombers in the United States this summer.

Mike Evans is a shock jock for Armageddon, a cheerleader for the apocalypse. These days, the best-selling author and head of the "Jerusalem Prayer Team", a US-based pro-Israel Christian evangelical organization, is at the top of his game.

... This "lack of moral clarity" resulted in "battle after battle [that] has slowly stripped Christians in America of their rights", he says. "The American courts that espouse such movements as 'gay rights', 'abortion rights' and even 'animal rights' are now pursuing the right to be Godless." ...

If Iran is sending weapons to the Taliban, then George W. Bush is more of a uniter than anyone could ever have predicted.

Hamas captures President Abbas' Gaza compound following Abbas' declaration of the dissolution of the unity government and dismissal of the Hamas-backed Prime Minister.

DOD contracts, June 14th.

6 species of coral may soon be extinct.

Common backyard birds dying off, you can give them a hand just by changing how your yard is managed.

Altruism feels good.

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